Israel War Planes Attack Cush Convoy

JAFFA, Israel – A source within Hamas has admitted a weapons convoy in Sudan meant for his Islamist organization was struck by a missile in January. Earlier today, CBS reported the Israel Air Force carried out the attack on a convoy of trucks carrying arms destined for Hamas in the Gaza Strip. According to the Read more about Israel War Planes Attack Cush Convoy[…]

The Cross, the Switchblade & the Winepress

David Wilkerson, author of the one-time bestseller The Cross and the Switchblad, has startled North American readers with a very specific prediction of major catastrophes hitting New York City. I had been thinking of how to respond in this blog to his predictions in a respectful, but biblical way, when I saw that John Piper had already done so. Here is Dr. Piper’s post from his Desiring God blog:


AOL News Poll: Quarter-Million Voters Doubt Obama's Birth

An article posted on AOL News introduced readers to what it calls  “fringe” element of conservatives, called “Birthers”, who persist in doubting whether Obama was actually born in the USA as he claims. According to the writer this rumour continues to live on in spite of “overwhelming evidence”. I wonder, however, if AOL News expected Read more about AOL News Poll: Quarter-Million Voters Doubt Obama's Birth[…]