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Why Every Christian Should Study Bible Prophecy

When I say that, I don’t mean every Christian should buy a Ryrie Study Bible, Scofield Reference Bible, or MacArthur Study Bible. I do mean every Christian should think carefully about why the Apostles thought it was of utmost importance to be familiar with the doctrine of Jesus’ second coming. I’m getting ready to start Read more about Why Every Christian Should Study Bible Prophecy[…]

New address for the Guinness Archives!

Since I began collecting resources about Henry Grattan Guinness on, they could be found on a page called, “The Guinness Archives” at But as of this week, I have obtained a new address for the archives:! The address should begin pointing to the correct page on my site by the end of Read more about New address for the Guinness Archives![…]

Announcing a new edition of The Approaching End of the Age

In 1878, H. Grattan Guinness published his first major work on Bible prophecy, The Approaching End of the Age. In it he defended a premillennial historicist interpretation of Daniel and Revelation, correlating prophetic chronology with discoveries from astronomy, especially regarding harmonizations in the soli-lunar cycles. A digital version of his book has been available for Read more about Announcing a new edition of The Approaching End of the Age[…]

The Immanuel Year

In his 1878 book, The Approaching End of the Age, Henry Grattan Guinness included a chart called, “The Immanuel Year”. He described it as, “The great year whose day is the soli-lunar cycle of 33 years, 7 months, Immanuel’s earthly life time, whose months are millenaries, in the course of seven of which answering to Read more about The Immanuel Year[…]

Interpreting Revelation Literally

A questioner recently asked how historicists respond to people who claim we aren’t interpreting the book of Revelation (or the Bible) literally. I think this question comes up mainly from those who have been influenced by a dispensational understanding of Bible prophecy (e.g. John MacArthur, Jack VanImpe, John Hagee, Tim LaHaye, John Walvoord, John Darby, Read more about Interpreting Revelation Literally[…]

New “Sermons” section added to

Now that I have finished the sermon series on Daniel that I’ve been preaching through the first half of 2017, I have added a section to to link to the sermons directly. As I preach on other passages that relate to prophecy, I’ll add them to the sermons page. The files are still hosted Read more about New “Sermons” section added to[…]