Not Justice, Not Sovereignty But Prosperity

We live in interesting times. This morning I came across three articles that caught my attention. The first one was this one about a US Army soldier, currently serving in Iraq, announcing his intention to defy President Obama’s orders and to join a lawsuit demanding that Obama produce documents to prove his eligibility to serve Read more about Not Justice, Not Sovereignty But Prosperity[…]

Zero hour to What?

Hal Lindsey has written another article, posted on, that I just have to comment on. It’s titled, “Zero hour approaches” and was posted on February 6 (just 4 days before the election in Israel). Whoever bothers to actually read my blog (all three or four of you!) might be surprised to hear that I Read more about Zero hour to What?[…]

A case for Amillennialism?

A couple of days ago, on my way back home from the city, I enjoyed listening to a recording of a White Horse Inn broadcast in which Mike Horton and the others discussed “The Rapture”. During the discussion, Kim Riddlebarger touted his book, A Case for Amillennialism, and rehashed some of the salient points from Read more about A case for Amillennialism?[…]