Interpreting Revelation Literally

A questioner recently asked how historicists respond to people who claim we aren’t interpreting the book of Revelation (or the Bible) literally. I think this question comes up mainly from those who have been influenced by a dispensational understanding of Bible prophecy (e.g. John MacArthur, Jack VanImpe, John Hagee, Tim LaHaye, John Walvoord, John Darby, Read more about Interpreting Revelation Literally[…]

Sam Storms Skillfully Skewers a Straw Man

I don’t know what rock I’ve been living under, but it was only today that my nephew referred me to a blog article written by Dr. Sam Storms waaaay back in 2006, entitled, “Problems with Premillennialism”. Now let it go on record that I admire, appreciate and respect Dr. Storms and his ministry. (After all, Read more about Sam Storms Skillfully Skewers a Straw Man[…]

Why am I pre-mil rather than a-mil?

It seemed like a good idea to post this question that came to me by email along with my answer. Here’s the question followed by my answer: Q: “Why you are pre-mil rather than a-mil? What are a couple main points of contention?”   A:  First, it’s a matter of hermeneutics. Like the issue of Read more about Why am I pre-mil rather than a-mil?[…]