Armageddon Update

By Noel Haynes 16/12/11   The European economy continues to self-destruct.   The merchants of the world were watching with baited breath last Friday for some word from the European summit that would reassure them . The solution proposed consisted of getting the 27 EU nations to agree to imposed fiscal and budgetary austerity measures […]

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Even Chuck Norris Is Afraid of Obama's "One-World Government"

Famous movie-star, martial arts expert and political columnist, Chuck Norris, recently wrote a column on WND warning readers about the implications of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, to be held in Copenhagen this coming December. Bottom line? He’s afraid. I was in a small-group Bible study this past weekend in which a […]

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AOL News Poll: Quarter-Million Voters Doubt Obama's Birth

An article posted on AOL News introduced readers to what it calls  “fringe” element of conservatives, called “Birthers”, who persist in doubting whether Obama was actually born in the USA as he claims. According to the writer this rumour continues to live on in spite of “overwhelming evidence”. I wonder, however, if AOL News expected […]

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Not Justice, Not Sovereignty But Prosperity

We live in interesting times. This morning I came across three articles that caught my attention. The first one was this one about a US Army soldier, currently serving in Iraq, announcing his intention to defy President Obama’s orders and to join a lawsuit demanding that Obama produce documents to prove his eligibility to serve […]

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