Gog Takes Baby Steps

I’ve been pretty interested lately in the failure of US foreign policy with regard to Syria and the Islamic State, and in the movements of Russia to build up military resources in Syria (see the above linked National Post commentary for an insightful analysis of these current events). It does seem like the famous Gog prophecy […]

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Obama’s Cowardice Leaves a Leadership Vacuum in the Middle East: Will Russia Fill It?

When the President of the United States bravely stands up and pushes for military intervention to protect the people of Libya from a murderous dictator, but then tries to shirk his responsibility to live with the consequences of leadership by withdrawing his service it is nothing less than cowardice on a global stage. President Obama’s […]

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A New King in Egypt

On Friday, President Obama said, “United States will continue to be a friend and partner for Egypt.” Somehow I doubt it. Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that finally the “Satanic” influence of the West is banished from Egypt. And I think his is the more realistic vision of the future: an Egypt estranged from the United […]

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