50 Years Ago

This is an excellent project giving video footage and commentary on the events leading up to and including the 1967 Six Day War between Israel and its neighbouring states. Check it out. Visit www.sixdaywarproject.org for the videos.

Armageddon Update

By Noel Haynes 16/12/11   The European economy continues to self-destruct.   The merchants of the world were watching with baited breath last Friday for some word from the European summit that would reassure them . The solution proposed consisted of getting the 27 EU nations to agree to imposed fiscal and budgetary austerity measures Read more about Armageddon Update[…]

Benjamin Netanyahu 33 Years Ago

The historic speech delivered by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week to the United Nations General Assembly carries strong echoes of the same man’s speech in a televised debate 33 years ago. Many thanks to Peter Godspeed of Canada’s National Post for digging up this old video. He introduced this younger Netanyahu with these words: How Read more about Benjamin Netanyahu 33 Years Ago[…]

Israel Was Never the Problem

A thought-provoking article was posted last week in Canada’s National Post online: The Arab world may be in turmoil, but none of the Arab uprisings has included Israel as a central issue. Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Libya — the one factor common to all is that protests centre on local conditions and domestic grievances. What Read more about Israel Was Never the Problem[…]

Israel’s Opportune Time to Strike Iran Expires this Weekend

“Israel has until the weekend to launch a military strike on Iran’s first nuclear plant before the humanitarian risk of an attack becomes too great, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said Tuesday.” Read the rest of this news report here (source: FoxNews.com, August 17, 2010). The really fascinating part of this Read more about Israel’s Opportune Time to Strike Iran Expires this Weekend[…]

Anti-Semite “Khazar” Theory Refuted By New Genetic Study

Every now and then I get emails from people thinking they are doing me a favour by “introducing” me to the so-called evidence that most, if not all, modern-day Jews are actually descended from medieval Khazars and not, as is commonly thought, from Abraham and the people of Israel in the Bible. This theory belongs Read more about Anti-Semite “Khazar” Theory Refuted By New Genetic Study[…]

The Bear Goes (a little bit farther) South?

Image via Wikipedia An article on WND.com Saturday, June 27 2009, suggests that Russia’s impending military excercises in the Caucases could be a staging ground for an invasion, and take-over, of Georgia: Moscow has drawn a new “red line” in its confrontation with the regime of Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili by calling for its end, Read more about The Bear Goes (a little bit farther) South?[…]